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Clever Loft Boarding offer a full range of loft boarding services including flooring, hatches, ladders, insulation, lighting, roof lining, Velux windows and more

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  2. Save money on your heating bills
  3. Safe and convenient storage
  4. Gain up to 50% more floor space
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Make the most of your storage space with professionally installed raised loft boarding.

If you would like to use your loft space to safely store your belongings, loft boarding is the perfect option.

Our simple and effective solutions reinforce and strengthen your loft to create
a safe and accessible storage area.

Loft Insulation

On average, 25% of your heating is lost through your roof.

The Government advises lofts are insulated to a depth of 270mm via rolls of mineral wool insulation as a cost-effective solution.

It is a quick and straightforward solution that will help improve the insulation of your property.

Insulating your loft properly will save you significant sums of money over the years.

Loft Hatches

At Clever Loft Boarding, we pride ourselves on fitting top quality energy efficient loft hatches.

A significant amount of heat leaves your home through your loft hatch, and so it is an important area to address when converting your loft or simply improving your insulation.

Clever Loft Boarding install energy-efficient loft hatches that comply with building regulations and increase your energy efficiency.

We provide a variety of loft hatches, including plastic and timber hatches manufactured to the highest British quality standards.

Timber Hatch & Ladder

Clever Loft Boarding provide and fit timber loft hatch and ladder kits.

The unit holds the ladder on the back of the loft hatch for space-saving and can extend to up to 3.5m. The hatch door is spring assisted to provide an easy to open and close solution, along with a ladder that simply folds away.

Standard sizes are factory produced, and we can also provide bespoke solutions. Amazing Lofts also provides remote control operated loft hatches with fold-out ladders.


Loft Roof Lining

Breathable Membrane Loft Lining

Vapour permeable breathable membrane allows your roof to breathe, meaning you won’t need traditional ventilation.

It will also protect your belongings from all the unsightly and dirty roof debris. It’s suitable for use on warm or cold non-ventilated and cold ventilated roofs.

This membrane can improve energy efficiency – saving money on bills – and provide durable protection against condensation, water and air infiltration.

Thermal Foil Insulation Loft Lining

Thermal foil insulation lining to the rafters in your loft. Thermal foil insulation was essentially designed to keep your house warmer during the winter, but its strong heat-reflective qualities (up to 97% heat reflection) mean that it will also keep your loft cooler in the summer too.

Like our other lining, it will also help protect your belongings from unsightly and dirty roof debris.

Truss Shelving

Our truss shelving solutions are ideal if you have a small loft space or require additional storage.

Our team at Clever Loft Boarding can supply and fit specialist truss shelving to create storage space in small spaces in your loft.

Each shelf is 2.4m long and is strong enough to walk on.

Loft Clearance Services

Clever Loft Boarding provide full loft clearance services, either as part
of a loft flooring, loft conversion, or insulation job or simply as a standalone service.

If you are replacing old boards, we will remove your existing boarding as part of our service.

There is an additional charge if you require us to dispose of your old boarding

Gain up to 50% more floor space in your home

Transform your loft in just a day for immediate use

Turn a dangerous, dark space into a clean, safe storage area

Get a lifetime guarantee and peace of mind

All our installers’ work is covered by a lifetime warranty and all products we use come with a factory guarantee. If you have any issues, one of our team members will be out to rectify them and ensure your complete satisfaction. We want you to have an “Amazing” experience from start to finish.

Unbeatable customer service and workmanship

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Why choose Clever Loft boarding?

Clever Loft Boarding are the fastest-growing Loft Boarding Specialists in the Ireland. This is due to our full commitment to ensuring that our staff and we meet exceptional service standards of workmanship & quality every day and on every job, without fail.

How can you benefit from a professionally installed loft boarding?

  • Raises your new build loft floor by 300mm avoiding insulation compression, saving you energy and money
  • Creates a raised loft floor above up to 400mm of quilt insulation
  • Avoids insulation compression saving energy and money
  • Strong enough to walk on and store up to 25kg per square metre
  • Manufactured in Ireland from recycled materials

You are 100% safe in our hands, and we expect that you will take pride in your decision to engage us and further recommend us to all your family and friends.

All our work is fully insured and comes with a lifetime warranty. Contact us today for a free no-obligation survey and quote.

What is the difference between standard and raised loft boarding?

Standard loft boarding is placed directly onto joists, it is a basic and quick DIY method to board a loft, but it is ineffective. It does not usually account for wiring, pipework, lighting and high-quality insulation. Thermal studies have shown that compressing your insulation can reduce its thermal properties by more than 50%.

Clever Loft boarding installs raised floor loft boarding to provide a highly effective solution to boarding a loft space. It is fitted in the middle of the loft, to allow air to flow from the eaves and circulate throughout the loft. This method eradicates damp and condensation issues that are commonplace in undeveloped lofts.

The Loft Leg XL is a unique solution to avoid insulation compression when using your new build home’s loft for storage.

Government guidelines recommend that we insulate with 270mm of quit insulation to achieve a U value of 0.16W/m2K.

However, new build homes can be installed with up to 400mm of insulation to meet stricter insulation targets.

Thermal studies have shown that compressing your insulation can reduce its thermal properties by more than 50%.


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