Loft Boarding

Add more storage space to your home with loft boarding. It’s secure and strong, it protects insulation, wiring and pipework from being damaged, and saves you money on energy bills.

Did you know, squashing your loft insulation with boxes and boards could double your heat loss? Our Loft Floor boarding solution is easy to install and protects the full depth of insulation allowing maximum heat efficiency.

Increase your home’s value, save money on heating bills and create more storage space with Clever Loft Boarding.

Protect & Enhance Your Insulation

Create Extra Storage Space

Suitable For Old & New Builds

What is loft boarding?

A raised loft boarding is installed above loft insulation to create a loft floor. It is placed above loft insulation to protect your energy-saving solutions by leaving an airflow space between the boards and the insulation.

Our team at Clever Loft Boarding achieve this by fitting a strong sub-frame above your joists to provide a robust structure to fit the boards to.

Raised loft boarding creates a safe, strong deck that can be used for storage. It also protects insulation, wiring and pipework from being damaged.

Loft storage

Thanks to the innovative solutions provided by Clever Loft Boarding, you can create additional storage space in your home or business.

Our loft boarding services are a highly economical, quick and effective way to create extra storage space by transforming your loft into a safe and strong storage area.

Our team of experts install raised loft boarding above up to 350 mm of insulation to deliver a simple to access the loft storage area.

Raising your storage above your insulation

Clever Loft Boarding solutions are designed to provide a strong storage deck above your insulation, which protects your insulation from being squashed.

Our boarding sits up to 350mm above your insulation, which creates an airflow gap and circulation to avoid damp and condensation issues.

Factory approved and qualified installer network

All Clever Loft Boarding installers are fully qualified, fully insured and trained in our products and industry-standard Health and Safety practices.

What is the difference between standard and raised loft boarding?

Standard loft boarding is placed directly onto joists. It is a basic and quick DIY method to board a loft, but it is also very ineffective. It does not usually account for wiring, pipework, lighting and high-quality insulation.

Raised floor loft boarding provides a much better and highly effective solution to boarding a loft space.

It is fitted in the middle of the loft to allow air to flow from the eaves and circulate throughout the loft.

This method eradicates damp and condensation issues that are very common in undeveloped lofts.

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